01. Their prices are very good, but unfortunately the [quality] of their goods is very low.
02. You should print your resumé on high [quality] paper.
03. The [quality] of seafood available in this country is not as good as what we can get in Japan.
04. Francis has the [qualities] necessary to make a good manager.
05. We sell only the best [quality], locally grown, fresh produce.
06. She has a very innocent [quality] about her that people instantly trust.
07. Our business is successful because we offer a [quality] service at a reasonable price.
08. Martin Luther King once remarked that it is the [quality], not the length of one's life, that is important.
09. The last dying words of Leonardo da Vinci were, "I have offended God and mankind because my work did not reach the [quality] it should have."
10. There is a French proverb which observes that prices are forgotten, but [quality] remains.
11. Maya Angelou once said that the [quality] of strength, lined with tenderness, is an unbeatable combination.
12. There is a German proverb which states that a country can be judged by the [quality] of its proverbs.
13. Nothing leaves our factory until it has been thoroughly inspected by one of our [quality] control experts.
14. The type of work we do determines in large part the [quality] of our existence.
15. Air [quality] is a serious health concern in many large cities.
16. The people of Bahrain consider the date palm to be a tree blessed by God with [qualities] not found in other trees.
17. In Fiji, a commoner who shows great leadership [qualities] can be raised to the rank of high chief.
18. The economy of Denmark is based primarily on the production of manufactured goods of a high [quality].
19. Research by Leki and Carson has shown that second language learners see lack of vocabulary as the major factor affecting the [quality] of their writing.
20. UNICEF actively promotes [quality] education for children around the world.
21. A good, [quality] education helps keep children in school and makes them less vulnerable to abuse and exploitation.
22. The [quality] of our ground water can be seriously threatened by the burial of waste material.
23. The ancient Greeks believed that music possessed moral [qualities] and that it could affect a person's character and behavior.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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